G.I.D.N.O.S (Gender Identity Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)


“This designation abbreviated NOS can be used when the mental disorder appears to fall within the larger category but does not meet the criteria of any specific disorder within that category.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,

Fourth Edition

This work explores the state of being outside and between familiar categories both in terms of gender and fine art.

I have an ongoing interest in phototherapy: a branch of psychology that uses photographic images as a non-verbal tool to facilitate communication and trigger emotional response in the patient. This project is concerned with applying some of those clinical photographic techniques to the subject of GIDNOS (Gender Identity Disorder Not Otherwise Specified).

This is the personal story of my transition from a female to a male body. This project creates an analogy between gender identity and the stillness of the photographic image. The gradual transition between still and moving images in this video installation is a metaphor for the journey from female to male identity. As the viewer is focussing on the projected image they notice that slight changes that occur over time, progressively changing the perception of the image. The video image is linked to the androgynous body that is in a state of constant flux. In creating this parallel between the world of art and the clinical engagement with the body I am drawing attention to the acronym “N.O.S.” used in psychology to define a part of human diversity that cannot be fully grasped and categorised.

GFest Screening